It was a year ago when I applied for exchange and December 2012 seemed like it would never come. But here I am, embarking on a new journey. I had less than two weeks to pack for the 7-month journey after exams ended. Me, being me, a very last-minute person, rushed through my packing but thankfully, I got what I needed just in time. However, these two weeks were the most fulfilling weeks of 2012, I must say. The 12 days leading up to today were packed with meeting people who matter and checking off the things-to-do (or rather things-I-want-to-do)-with-people-I-want-to-do-with before flying. Regrettably, the suppz gang did not manage to have the last supper together. Other than that, I am proud to say I have accomplished what I hoped to do!


The send-off at the airport was a simple affair. The closest of friends came and said goodbyes. Two hours of waiting to board had never passed so quickly. The ‘last call’ sign was flashing by the time I walked to the departure gates and everything was rushed through, even the goodbye hugs. There was no time to feel any tinge of sadness, I was all ready to go and run to board. I guess I was deliberately dragging time to enter the gates so I could spend more time with them and avoid a teary farewell. Reality set in when I settled down in the airplane and read the farewell notes. “7 months away from home starts now.” It was then the tears began to well up. Thoughts of how different school without the clique/美女s and church without the AMK family will be came flooding in. Laughter-filled lunch breaks with the clique/美女s in NIE canteen and worshipping in the all-familiar AMK home will be things I will fondly miss.


Words cannot express how thankful I am for every single one of them for taking time to care, share, pray and meet me despite some of their busy schedules. These friends will definitely be missed during the seven months away! Til then, land of the best salmon sashimi, ramen and toilet bowls, here I come.


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