Spending my first Christmas away from home wasnt easy. By home, I meant AMK. Aside with the fact that the festive mood and decorations in Japan are just not up to par with Singapore’s, Christmas Eve is never complete without the annual celebrations at the church and the company whom I grew up with. Although physically home with the Cherns, my heart yearned to teleport back to AMK just to celebrate Christmas with the rest for that moment. My wish was indirectly fulfilled with live updates of the celebs from a dear friend through Whatsapp (oh, technology :)). The highlight came at the end when I started receiving video recordings from friends in AMK. I was laughing so hard and feeling so touched from the well wishes that I realized how much I miss home and I cant wait to be back to worship in AMK again. Seeing those familiar faces on the phone definitely brought much more joy and comfort on this festive occasion, what more sharing with the brothers and sisters, even if it’s virtually.

Christmas Vids

Even though my physical being may be 5321km away, AMK will always have that special place in my heart – a very fond cozy corner I call home :)


This Christmas, I give thanks for the people I am blessed with and the salvation I received because of Christ. I couldnt ask for more this December 25 – being able to attend the celebs (albeit virtually), being physically home with the Cherns and being loved unconditionally by the Father. I had the best of all worlds.


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