The stay in Japan was basically filled with sashimi, ramen, homecooked meals, shopping for winter wear and hanging out with the brother. The brother and I had more hanging out time during this trip because he was having his holidays too.


– satisfied my craving for Pepperlunch’s corn soup (since I first tasted it in Oct)


– wondered what “HEARTFUL Christmas” meant on a garland but took a photo with it anyway


– checked out the Tokyo Skytree at its foot (too crowded to head up)


– explored an aquarium which happened to be in the vicinity of Tokyo Skytree


– took ridiculous self-shots in our FOX hoodies


– bought McDonalds in hoodies and shorts in 7 deg celsius


In short, one of the best holidays spent with the brother :)

In 2 hours’ time, I will be taking the plane to an unfamiliar continent – North America, an unfamiliar country – Canada. When I think of how my courses for UWO are not settled; I may end up going there not clearing the mods I want to do; I may end up friendless like a floating ghost in Kinesiology and all the uncertainty, I just wanna abandon exchange. Then again, the thought of catching Federer LIVE, spectating the NBA and watching a Broadway musical just get me pretty stoked about exploring America/Canada! There is always a first for everything I guess. And I believe that God has it planned out for me already. Like today, I received the best news I could hope for for my results. Previously for the past 3 semesters, I had been struggling to pull my GPA to a second upper. It had been hovering at the edge of second lower which could get so frustrating because my GPA is gonna freeze for a year with the upcoming exchange and internship. I have achieved the unexpected this semester and I can finally heave a sigh of relief for my GPA to sit comfortably in the second upper region. This, of course, did not happen without the grace and blessing from above :)

Looking forward to the one-week vacation in Toronto with the parents before heading to London! This will probably serve as a good break for me to get used to the sub zero temperatures, the time difference and get some bonding time with the mom and dad. I hope Canada is a nice country to stay in!

Hello Canada, my home for 4 months. Goodbye Asia!


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