The first weekend of exchange; of living in the new apartment; of 2013. was spent breaking the ice with the housemates and doing what is becoming our favourite hobby in London – cooking. The apartment is fairly decent with clean appliances and functional furniture, something comfortable enough to call home for the next four months.

Photo 4-1-13 12 32 40 AM Photo 4-1-13 12 33 09 AM

On Friday, all of us took a bus to Masonville and explored the area after orientation. It was no long before we hit dinner time and we decided to try the Domino’s pizza in Canada. For one hugeeeeeeeee Hawaiian pizza, it only cost us S$4 each! So S$12 for the whole thing. It would have cost us almost $10 per person in Singapore.

Photo 5-1-13 7 54 12 AM

However, not everything is that cheap in London. We did our grocery shopping at Loblaw after dinner and the amount of grocery we bought came up to almost $300 in total! Shocking. It was the most expensive grocery shopping I have ever done in my life. Hopefully the food we bought last us for a week.

Photo 5-1-13 10 14 30 AM

Photo 5-1-13 10 22 15 AM

And oh, they have an Asian food corner which may come in handy when I miss the snacks in Singapore. They have hello pandas, yan yans and even KHONG GUAN biscuits. Not too bad huh though they are a bit more expensive here. Talk about globalization. Photo 5-1-13 9 51 59 AM

So we tried our hands on the new pots and pans on Saturday, cooking our first meal in London. Each of us took charge of a dish. We had a rice cook, omelette fryer, beef cook and me, the veggie stir-fryer. I would give a ‘very good’ rating for the attempt considering we were all clueless in cooking. The time we took to cook everything could improve though. We spent almost three hours whipping up everything so by the time we finished cooking and started eating, it was almost 4pm! We were all unfamiliar with the food and could have utilized the stove more efficiently I guess. Despite all the hooha, the first homecooked meal definitely made us feel more at home.


Photo 13-1-13 5 10 57 AM

Sunday was spent indoors because of the heavy snow through the day. It was nice seeing a familiar face in an unfamiliar place :)

Photo 6-1-13 9 28 08 PM

Photo 7-1-13 6 00 36 AM (1)

The housemates have been a very helpful and nice bunch to stay with for now. Due to the lack of Internet access in the house, we have been spending our time talking at the dining table over snacks – something we dont do very often back at home because accessing the world wide web then is so easy and on-the-go with our smartphones that we neglect human interaction. Through all the ice breaking, we came up with a mini game – soccer shootout. We have ‘inherited’ an inflatable soccer ball from the previous tenant and our goal is to kick the ball onto a one-seater sofa. The penalty for losing? Wash the dishes. So we have kept records for the weekend with the “Hall of Shame” (losers) and the “Hall of Fame” (scorers) on pieces of paper stuck on our wall.

Photo 13-1-13 5 26 34 AM

Made it to the Hall of Fame because the housemates gave chances :p

Maybe it isn’t such a bad thing after all for the Internet man to keep delaying the Internet installation in the house, just that taking the lift up to the 12th storey for the Internet can be such a chore sometimes. Til the next time I head up here on the 12th floor, ciaoz.


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