Today was a pleasant London day. Temperatures rarely go above zero in London during winter. So when the temperature hit 5 deg celsius today, with the sun shining warmly on the streets, the housemate and I decided that it was not a day spent wasted at home after alighting the bus from school. After settling Jouh’s banking enquiries, we headed down Richmond St and walked into interesting shops along the way. It was not long before we saw a Sbux and I managed to grab my first Canadian cuppa ^^v Hot coffee always taste better in winter.

Photo 11-1-13 4 40 13 AM

We had a nice long walk down Richmond, strolling past the pretty St Peter’s Cathedral and Museum London before making a turn-around at one of the junctions. Everything was beautifully set that day – the perfect Macchiato with the right sweetness, the cathedral with the lovely blue skies, the first sight of green grass peeping through the white after days of snow, the warm sunshine on the face, the slow pace of life.

Photo 11-1-13 3 53 19 AM

Photo 11-1-13 3 56 04 AM

Today made me fall in love with London a little more.

Photo 11-1-13 4 21 47 AM


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