Monday to Friday couldnt have gone any smoother. Began the week feeling heavy-hearted and uncertain about getting the modules that I wanted because the courses were all full. My schedule was pretty messed up. I started going to school, knowing that I had only secured one module when I was supposed to register five. Again, I witnessed His grace as I finally managed to add all the courses that I wanted despite some of them being full.

The first module that I got is quite special – a blessing if I would put it. I began emailing the lecturer in charge of Sport Law back in September when I was doing my enrollment of courses for Western. I was worried when I saw the core modules that I wanted/needed were all full before I could even enroll in them. It would be pointless to go on exchange if I could not complete my sport modules in Western. Thankfully, the reply from Dr Watson came back friendly and he extended his welcome, inviting me to meet him once I reached Western. The uncertainty did not leave completely after the email although I was a little comforted.

I finally met him and he was such a loving fatherly, or rather grandfatherly figure that it puts anyone at ease conversing with him. At the end of the meeting, I was asked to make a short introduction of myself in front of the class on Monday and I received a welcome gift from him – his textbooks. *honoured*

Photo 5-1-13 12 54 43 PM

What better way to start my term in Western! I could feel that good things were coming my way already! And indeed they did.

The self-introduction went better than I expected. Most of the classmates were fascinated that SG is sunny all-year round. They are probably used to the cold in Canada. It also helps when the lecturers and admin staff are efficient and they go the distance to help, unlike in SG. So by the end of the week, everything fell nicely in place – I was enrolled in all the courses that I wanted. One of the lecturers even requested for a larger class venue to accommodate more students who were interested in the course! It is definitely a relief to finally settle the admin side of things.

Besides the admin, school still needs some getting used to, especially the long breaks in between lessons and the expensive not-so-good-tasting food. One plate of mixed rice with veg, no meat, costs around C$7! Triple the price in SG. I think I will have to stick to cheaper alternatives like the dried up pizza and all-familiar Subway or else my bank will be drained too quickly.

Photo 10-1-13 12 35 55 AM

In any case, armed with textbooks and a set timetable, I think I am officially ready for school.


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