We were so sick of being cooped up at home and cooking everyday that we finally got down to arranging a road trip to one of the seven wonders in the world and start making our exchange more exciting. The drive to Niagara Falls took slightly more than two hours and the first thing we got excited about after the long ride was upon seeing No Frills (the cheaper alternative for grocery shopping). My housemates are really born aunties hahaha. Before heading to the falls, we had the largest serving of American breakfast in our lives and it only cost us around S$12 per person. We were stuffed.

The falls are as still beautiful as when I visited them about a month ago. No doubt one of the most amazing creations I have ever seen in my life.

We also explored the Ripley’s area and visited the Guinness World Record Museum. I like visiting museums/exhibitions, can never get tired of injecting new knowledge and interesting facts into my brain. The world has so much to offer.

Photo 20-1-13 6 03 40 AM

Planet Hollywood for the dining experience at night. It was nothing special except that the place was nicely decorated with Hollywood movie props and we dined with movie trailers playing in the background. It was another humongous serving of Western cuisine.

Photo 20-1-13 8 00 09 AM

Photo 20-1-13 8 36 20 AM

Another enormous (I think I am getting good at coming up with synonyms for ‘big’) portion of pancakes, sausages, eggs and bacon for next morning’s breakfast before we took to the road again.

Photo 21-1-13 12 56 33 AM

Yknow, it is no wonder that the America has the highest obesity rate in the world. Their food is so salty and they eat so much. Winter makes it even more difficult to get physically active. Ok back to the trip: we did some shopping at the nearby factory outlets and a 2-hour drive back to London after, accompanied by Ryan Seacrest on the radio. I liked the car ride back. Car rides are always a good time to enjoy the scenery outside and sing along to songs playing on the radio. Ever since coming to Canada, I have taken more time to admire the things around me. My latest obsession is the skies here. The clouds never fail to awe me with their perfect pattern against the clear blue skies. Thus the spam of cloud/sky pictures on my Instagram. I have never seen such pretty skies before! (Maybe there are such skies in SG just that the sun is always so glaring to the eyes that I don’t bother looking up). These amazing skies serve as a reminder of God’s grace and guidance for me for the past month away from home :)

And of course, what is an outing with the housemates without grocery shopping. Before ending our first road trip, we made a trip to London’s No Frills and the Chinese market and we came to the conclusion that the Chinese market is still the best place for groceries. It felt so good going back to homecooked after the two days of gigantic servings of Western food which our small Asian stomachs could hardly take. Asian blood still runs deep in us hahah.

And I like how we are all referring to 910 as our Home now :)


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