I finally had some me-time out of the house today. The temperatures were perfect, albeit rainy. I decided to head down to the Sbux for a cuppa and to do my law readings. It is nice to have a change of environment once in a while. If not, it is just a toggle between school and 910 most of the time.

Photo 30-1-13 5 34 50 AM

Night class was cancelled so I checked out London’s Things-To-Do and found a play, Kim’s Convenience. Read the reviews. Asked the housies. Set the time to meet. Bought our tickets. DONE, we were hanging out on a tuesday night! I love spontaneity like that. Happened to pass by a pizza branch – Cousin Vinny’s – while searching for a dinner place and tuesday pizza deal was on! $2.25 for a large slice of pizza!

Photo 30-1-13 7 37 01 AM (1)

Photo 30-1-13 7 18 45 AM (1)

Photo 30-1-13 8 17 07 AM

Kim’s Convenience was hilarious, entertaining and moving. The fact that the play was performed by Asians and about the Asian family culture made it easier to relate to it and had that tinge of homely feeling. The entertainment definitely chased away the school blues and brought some excitement to the slowly dying exchange hype! Best tuesday since 2013 :)


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