The weather in London has been turning colder after that warmer weekend in Jan. There were days when the temperatures went down to -18! If it included the wind chill factor, the temperature would be near -30. BRRRRRRR. It is miserable walking in the freezing weather, especially when I have to walk back from the bus stop after my night classes. The ears always feel like they are chopped off from the sides of my face cos they would turn all numb.

Photo 25-1-13 10 49 02 AM

Photo 23-1-13 7 20 00 AM

Then there were days when it snowed heavily the night before and I had to trudge to school in 20cm-thick snow!

Photo 8-2-13 10 53 23 PM

Photo 9-2-13 3 16 49 AM

It killed my boots. I cant wait for spring to come!


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