It has been 2 months since I have left the sunny island. iAte, iTravelled, iSaw, iExperienced. Thoughts of missing home have also started popping up.

I miss the food, no doubt. I miss prawn mee, bcm, prata, laksa, salted caramel. Canada just does not have its own special cuisine. In any case, Singapore’s would have won hands down. I am getting tired of eating subway every other day because it is the one of the most economical and better tasting choices in school. I miss suppz with the gang.

I miss the sun. Some days can get so gloomy and sad especially when it is snowing heavily and the chilly wind pierces through the skin. It just make me wanna curl up at home and hide under my blanket. I miss exercising. I miss swimming with the sun on my skin. I can imagine doing that once I get home – perfect.

I miss commuting. The only place I commute here to is to school. Daily routine day in day out. Maybe add in the trips to Chinese Market for grocery once in a while and that is about it. I miss travelling to familiar places on the bus or on the train, to eat, to see, to visit people, to do something.

I miss doing something meaningful. Well, travelling is meaningful because I get to see the world. But I meant, like serving in church. It is really something I miss doing a lot, especially the joy I get out of it.

Most of all, I miss the people. I miss school with the clique, very much. I miss laughing and having lunch together. I miss us sitting at the last row together and not listening to class. I miss hanging out for birthdays. I miss my girlfriends. Although we rarely meet, I miss the fact I am on the same island as them and that I could text any of them and we could hang out. I miss the gang in church and weekly after-service lunches. I miss rosie because it feels better ranting to her face to face than through whatsapp. I miss the Jungs because it is the perfect routine to hang out on Sunday evenings til Mondays.

I miss home. Sometimes I wish I could have the best of both worlds, travelling and having the comforts of home within reach. But exchange has taught me to be (even more) independent and that it is about stepping out of your comfort zone. Without doing so, there is no way to experience what the world has to offer – the culture, food, people, sights. It is not that I do not treasure this opportunity, I do. I should start valuing it more because the next 3 months will fly by and I do not want to have any regrets leaving this place but look back and think, “It has been a wonderful and fulfilling journey.”

The 9-day trip during recess week was splendid and well-spent. Time to gear on for March with deadlines for assignments to meet and 4 midterms to study for.

On another random note, I am super proud of my roomie for doing such a great job captaining and clinching the 4th place for her dance! Hearing how she struggled in pulling the team together and putting in tremendous effort in choreographing the moves and finally pulling it through just make me feel so proud. It was a pity I could not to be there to watch her live. She was amazing on the video. Oh yeah, I miss her too, so it’s not that random after all, it is related to the title of this post heh.

Til the next time, I will soldier on.


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