The housiez and I crossed the US borders for the weekend for some retail therapy! (Finally!) The drive was not a very long one but the crossing the customs and getting our passports verified took us 2 hours!


It is similar to crossing the customs to Msia just that the Americans are really inefficient in getting the passports stamped. They chit chat and drink coffee while they work -_- By the time we got on to American soil, it was way past our lunch time and we were famished!

Guess where was our lunch stop?


What’s Buffalo without having their wings! (Elly tan, this is for you!)

Medium level wings

Medium level wings

They look good eh? Personally, I don’t really like the spices and the sauce because they make the wings more of sour than spicy (so I didn’t have bee-stung lips :p). Nonetheless it was a unique Buffalo experience! Even Obama has stepped foot in that wings shop before! I’ve had the same wings as the America’s president ^^v

The retail therapy started after lunch! A&F was the best stop for all of us. Each of us got clothes for ourselves for spring!!! :) and they were so much more affordable here than in sg. Prices for A&F are exorbitant in sg. Here, we got 4-5 pieces for clothing for USD70 ^^ shioooooook. The shopping made it up for the slow and time-wasting border crossing!

Unique American experience #2 – the Cheesecake Factory!! Jouh and I got our tastebuds on the cheesecake from the shop. Those who know me, I’m a fan of cheesecakes. I absolutely adore cheesecakes! So huge slice of Ultimate Red Velvet cheesecake to satisfy the humongous appetite for cheesecakes ^^ (I think this US trip makes me too happy already, spamming smileys everywhere)

The best cheesecake I've eaten thus far

The best cheesecake I’ve eaten thus far – Cheesecake from New York!

It was heavenly! The cheese and the red velvet went so well together. I think I’m gonna spam cheesecakes for the US travels during summer hehe.

Ok enough of making you jealous :p Unique American/Canadian experience #3 – I experienced my first daylight savings! So someone/something just took away one hour of my life last night at 2am and my weekend is shortened (I don’t really understand the concept behind it though I’ve read about it) That also means I’m an hour closer to home – 12-hour time difference now!

Ok! It’s Sunday now and crazy shopping day #2! Outlet shopping this time and I think we will all be even happier after this ^^ I have a test coming up tmr but I havent finished mugging for it yet, oh wellz. Retail therapy is more important.

I hope y’all have had an amazing weekend! :)

My thoughts are so incoherent now cos endorphins are just swimming in my head, sweet. Oh and the weather is perfect now, 12deg!! :)


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