It’s April. Which means it is almost time to the finals; it is almost time to pack up; it is almost time to leave 910; it is almost time that exchange ends; it is almost time that one solid month (or maybe more) of travelling begins. The past three months have been too eventful and I did not regret coming to this exchange alone and making new friends (esp the housiez) along the way. When all familiarity is being stripped away from you, you just learn (and maybe forced) to step out of the comfort zone and make the best out of it. I guess staying alone in SG helps because I just had to do everything myself – from cleaning the (huge and empty) house, prepping meals for myself, to settling random chores that popped up. People learn independence while on exchange but I guess I am different and passed that – I learnt to adapt. I learnt to adapt to the erratic temperatures (-17 is no joke but I dread the day I return to SG’s humid hot weather); to the people; to the lifestyle; to the dressing (everyday is wrap-like-bazhang day); to the way people speak (no slang no understand).

Through my stay here, the Canadians have taught me something Singaporeans lack – graciousness. They do not hesitate to give way on the streets while driving. Honking is hardly heard anywhere. They are friendly and greet people so heartwarmingly. A ‘have a nice day’ can just brighten up anyone’s day. The people working behind counters are so service-oriented, which makes you feel valued as customer. Yes that applies to even buying a subway sandwich in school. My prof was so kind and welcoming when I first approached him about my mod that he even gave me his textbooks. These are what I have encountered and I also think those are what make them a beautiful society. I will definitely miss this when I leave Canada.

The housiez and I were talking at the table after dinner one evening and one of them asked, “Do y’all feel homesick?” “No.”, said us all. Besides missing the people and the food back home, there isn’t any tinge of homesickness. Maybe cos it wasnt a big transition for me to stay away from family. Maybe cos we have gotten used to how life is in Canada – chillax and almost stress-free – and needed a break from SG’s. Maybe cos freedom away from parents feels good (the further the better hahaha). Maybe there is too much ‘new’ for us to soak in everything yet. Somehow I dont want everything to end yet. I like how things are like now.



Dont take me away, I am not ready to leave.



I have just worked out how my solo leg of exploration is going to be like and boy, am I stoked. It will be 10 days of backpacking in eastern States and I am looking forward to hopping to places to my liking and timing, sweet. So I have these planned up: American history in Philly, Seaport in Baltimore, White House and National Archives in DC, Whale Watching in Boston, Broadway and Yankees in NYC!! I am very psyched for NY. I wonder how the all-raved Big Apple will be like and all the scenes in movies that were filmed there will finally come to live. I really cant wait. Oh the irony of not wanting to leave Canada but cant wait to travel. Can I go back to Canada after?


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