This space is slowly turning from a travelogue to a place where I pen my thoughts and emotions down. Thoughts and emotions are also part of the exchange experience I guess.

So, I have survived 13 weeks of school (TOO FAST). Travels have also temporarily ceased for now due to the upcoming exams. I’m gonna sit for my first final tomorrow. Nervy yet looking forward because that will mean my flying ard America will soon materialize. This stay-home weekend has been quite eventful I must say, with minimal time and effort spent on studying. The housiez and I organized our very first house party (somewhat end-of-exchange celebration) on Fri! We came up with the idea on thurs and immediately got down to inviting the SG exchange peeps who are in London as well. Ironically, we only invited the NUS peeps and not our own NTU people to our apt. Friday was spent grocery and booze shopping, and cleaning up the house for the party. We were stoked cos it was our very first house party. We each took charge of a dish. JK on rice and chickens, K on scones, Jouh on veg, and me on chicken curry – that’s usually how we work in the kitchen on a normal day; we have our own specialities. So based on our usual eating portions, we whipped up a 5-course buffet style meal. The food turned out to be just nice for everyone – the first success of the night. Everyone was shy and was trying to get one another better cos all of us have only met a few times. The ice finally broke when booze and cards were brought in. Indian poker and king’s cup definitely made all of us feel much more comfortable around each other with everyone laughing and having a turn at doing silly actions. Everything fell nicely in place that night and friendships were forged deeper – one of the best nights in 910.


Stay home weekend = housiez bonding time. Just last night, we spent 3 hours playing bridge at the table til past midnight. Yes, bridge is really that addictive and JK was set on getting Jouh’s winning rate to below 50%. Stress relief from all the mugging, phew.

Yknow, I am thankful for the housiez, really. We get along so well despite us beng strangers and had never seen each other before moving into 910. It is really a blessing. It would be horrible to live under the same roof with people of conflicting interests.

Where to find housiez who will sit down, watch ABTM I and laugh out loud tgt?


Where to find housiez who bake and provide comfort food during tough mugging times?


Only in 910 :)



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