Travelling has been an eye opener. Since the sch term has ended, I have dragged my luggage for 20 days across 3 countries and 12 towns/cities (now that I look back, it’s quite a feat phew). Days spent in some cities were so short that one just had to soak and take in what the places had to offer within the time limit…….and I cant help but start feeling tired out from all the moving, flying and lugging of baggages and begin wishing the next flight out would be my flight home. Then again, I know when I am back and start working, I would miss travelling altogether. So…..I will make the last 11 days count :)


There are so many things I have accomplished during these 20 days; this year; at the age of 21 that I am v thankful for this opportunity; for this exchange. Without the financial support and permission from the parents, I wouldnt have been able to afford to travel 15000km away from home. Of cos I cant be thankful enough for the Big Guy above, He has protected me when I travelled alone; comforted me when I was at my all-time low; blessed me and looked after me throughout these 5 months when I experienced one of the highest and lowest points in my life.


Exchange has been a blast. Looking forward to conquer the Big Apple soon!


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