I have a scramble buddy, who is very annoying and cant wait to beat the heck out of me in a game of scramble. Sadly, the buddy always fails. The winning ratio stands as 837549123:1 to me after more than a year of challenges. The buddy likes to make up all sorts of excuses as to why the ratio stands as such e.g. “havent trained for a long time”, “germany didnt allow me to play scramble (my buddy was on exchange the previous sem)”, “my phone was lagging” – a whole lot of bull which only the most ignorant would believe. If I was my buddy, I would have given up long time ago but I think my buddy’s motto is to Never Give Up *shrugs* (some things in life are quite incomprehensible). Btw, my buddy called me dumb (although jokingly) before but evidently, the winning ratio proves otherwise.

Let me tell you more about my buddy. My buddy is very afraid of heights so I told my buddy to conquer the fear by riding the Singapore flyer and in return, I got told to bring back a baseball/a piece of the Statue of Liberty/a live tuna/salmon/puffer fish. I dont know how is bringing back all these things in relation to my suggestion in overcoming the fear of heights but I guess that’s what makes our conversations strange but….interesting. My buddy and I have never held a proper conversation face-to-face before back in SG, so all the more I am surprised that our topics range as wide as the width of the Pan-Island Expressway in SG (an example is as of above and I would have said ‘as wide as the horizon’ but that would be too cliche and immeasurable).

One of the days, we shared our fears. I said I was scared of horror and gore. After that day, my buddy keeps proposing we should watch a horror movie together even though both of us are scared of those stuff. I said it would be a waste of time and money but my buddy said that there would be ‘thrill’ and ‘fun’ from watching horror shows together so I argued that there would be ‘thrill’ from riding ferris wheels and cable cars too. The buddy disagreed and insisted that the bankrupt Singapore flyer should be made to lie horizontally on the ground and be like a merry-go-round instead. “Saves my soul”, says the buddy. Til now, we are still at it – unbelievable.

Oh, and my buddy LOVES lard. The buddy adores lard everywhere, on the ba chor mee; on the hokkien mee; basically everywhere! The buddy would just gobble down plain lard, yuck. If I could and if my luggage space had allowed, I would have bought back the 4lb-tubs of lard sold in Walmart just for the buddy.

Despite all these nonsense and the relentless attempts and proclamations on social media to win me in scramble, I am still grateful for this buddy not because I always win in the matches and it makes me happy, but because for the past 60 days, the buddy has accompanied me through my pre-exams, exams, cancun days, solo trips, NYC (where the buddy is dying to go to – the buddy almost wanted to murder me when I posted pics of NYC on my profile, talk about desperation), Tokyo….via FB messenger (because scramble chat kept crashing). It is like having a travel buddy, albeit a virtual one.



Your company is very much appreciated, scramble buddy :)


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