As the day of finally returning home draws closer, the feeling of bittersweet sets in. Bitter that travelling will stop and sweet cos I’ll be seeing the friends back home soon! (The latter sounds appealing :))

My body has been trying to recuperate from the jet lag which is a major challenge. Imagine having to switch to sleeping in the day and staying awake at night – I would sleep at 11pm and be wide awake at 4am and then I would take super long naps in the afternoon because my body was just too tired. My body took a week to get accustomed to the Asian timezone. And to think I will be back to US time zone in a day’s time makes me fear for the jet lag again…..mmhm I’ll be back in the North America but this time in Kona, Hawaii with the family! I can’t wait for the exciting events lined up! Night snorkelling with the MANTA RAYS is just one of them hehe.

So recently I’ve been asked when I will be back or been told to go back soon, and feeling all this love from the sunny island, I really am looking forward to the day I touch down and of cos, eat all the yummy sg food ^^ food like bkt, prata, bcm, prawn mee, dimsum, chicken rice……I can go on and on and on….slurpz!


See you in 10 days’ time, my sunny (dreading the heat so muchhhhh) island home!


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