Havent been on this space for quite a while now. Even though I am not in London now, I do miss the times in Canada. So slow paced and relaxing. Not to forget the then-dreaded thick white fluffy snow. I dont have another space for musing and 22 is worth documenting, so stringedgoggles will suffice.

This year was special. I got to spend my 22nd on the 22nd of July. How cool is that, I will only get that once in my lifetime -smirks- It was also the first birthday I spent after I’ve officially gained independence. My 22nd wasnt a big hooha, just like any other, but I am so glad I got to spend some quality time with people I hold dear to my heart. It is also one of my fav period of the year because I get to see all my fav people within the span of my bday week.

The first person whom I got to celebrate it with was none other than the bezt pal. The bezt pal is one of those rare few whom I can pick up the convo from wherever we left off even after ages of not hanging out together. So that was what we did. After seven months of not hanging out together, we updated each other on our lives and had an enjoyable time like we always do. It was also the first time we met this year and after I came back to SG.

The Jungs are always part of my annual happening ever since I turned 17 and when the term Jungs became official. Nothing big but a simple dinner (with mian xian) and macaroons for candle blowing. It was perfect to be able to spend my special day with them.

Other than the Jungs on my special day, the F1 dept celebrated my bday for me too! It was very sweet of them to sing the bday song for me at the restaurant and the boss even went to get a personalised cake for me! So touched :’) I am so blessed to be placed in such a friendly working environment, even though I am just a lowly intern.

JQDS is another person who would specially arrange a date to ask me out for a meal nearing my bday. This year was no different. I got to enjoy splendid Thai cuisine with just-as-splendid company of JQDS, WS and CA. Not forgetting to mention, my all time fav cheesecake (in a cup) for my bday cake baked by none other than the fav patissiere hehe. That night was really good – just taking time to catch up over good food – one of the best ways to rewind after work.

IJ has been a part of me ever since I met the girls who became my best friends after all these years. We have watched each other grow from little sec sch kids to fine ladies who still dont know what we want in life (hahaha). No matter how busy our schedules may be, we always take time out to celebrate each other’s special days. I am just glad that we are still spending bdays together and I know that we will be spending many more together. They are people I would grow old with.

Last but not least, this year I got the chance to spend it with the scramble bud :) It was not an extravagant affair, just a very cosy dinner at Botanic Gardens (not to forget the very memorable stroll from Tanglin to Bukit Timah, luckily didnt get drenched in perspiration. Lesson learnt: just Drive) and a very unforgettable trip up on the Singapore Flyer. YZ finally relented (not without much whining from his side) to my request on going up the ferris wheel after much persuasion/whining, just cos it was my special/i-get-to-be-the-boss day :p The friend was very brave (albeit a little whiny) to conquer the flyer despite the fear for heights – kudos!


Double two wouldnt be as amazing without these people in my life. I am so thankful for every single one of them :)


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