It didnt feel that long ago when I was penning my thoughts down for 2012. As cliche as it may sound, the year flew past in a blink of an eye. 2013 was a year where there were mistakes and lessons to be learnt but there were also countless opportunities, abundant blessings and overflowing love. God was very good (and still is) to me the past year and I think I wouldnt have survived the year without His grace.

2013 was the year I stayed abroad and experienced the coldest of winters while enjoying myself immensely, soaking in the sights and wonders the world had to offer. It was the year I stepped out of my comfort zone and became really independent. 2013 was also when I maintained relationships across the globe with the help of technology. (Nothing beats face to face communication and hanging physically for a meal and a couple of drinks) It wasnt easy (considering the time difference) but we made it. Though some turned sour but He gave me new friends who later became more like family overseas – roughing thru the chills together while also sharing the joy of travelling together. I went on to immerse myself in 22 major cities in North America, checking off items on the bucket list and not forgetting to thank the Big Guy above along the way for protecting me from the chaos and dangers. #YOLO, YOLO.

Coming back to this sunny island, the blessings continued. It was a joy reuniting with friends and spending a very special Double Two with them was more than what I could ask for. Internship started shortly after and I couldnt be thankful enough to be placed in a job I had always wanted. 2/55 – what were the chances? I got it. The opportunities and privileges presented at the job were beyond what I had expected. I learnt, a lot. The bonds forged with the team were memorable and treasured. I had so much fun trudging thru the long nights with the dream team even though work could be so draining and by Sept, we were going to work as zombies. Definitely the stint to remember for the rest of my life.

There may be mistakes and regrets made through the year but I guess these serve as lessons and part and parcel of life, aimed to shape a better Mopes in the new year. Now you see God has been so kind to me and I couldnt dream of anything better for the year. My heart is filled with thanksgiving. 2013 has been an amazing journey (filled with YOLOs) and like with the end of every year I would say, the new year is going to be the best year YET.

Hello, 2014 :)


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