It has been a while. Well, during this period when my space is left hanging, I completed my tertiary education and my FYP (what a chore that was); was thankful for the honours I am graduating with; embarked on three v memorable trips and hmm, got a (contract) job.

Aussie was pretty amazing with the beauties. The sceneries were beautiful along the coast. I think the most memorable part was the campervan leg. It was my first time driving such a huge monster and it didnt rly help when the sun in Oz land set so early every single day (aka 5pm -_-). Early sun set meant a v short day and driving in the dark cos the roads arent lit by street lamps AKA running down road signs and  baby kangaroos :O Thankfully no major accidents for our road trip. So, most of our time was spent on the roads and screaming along to our fav tunes in the van, mainly to keep ourselves awake. But of cos other than the challenging drives of more than 1000km in total, the company for the whole trip was very much appreciated.

Right after my time in the great OZ, I embarked on a cycling trip to Cambodia and Vietnam. It was definitely a trip to remember for as long as I live. The traffic in these two countries is MADLY CRAZILY INSANE. No traffic rules, just riding along those highways by listening out for the deafening honks from the motorbikes and lorries. The trip was exhausting. It used up all my physical and mental strength I brought over. It was also in Vietnam that I experienced my first knock down accident. Hit by a motorbike and laid there at the intersection having my whole life flashed by in my head. I was traumatized – super ultra traumatized til I was sobbing and cycling and gritting thru the pain from the fall and cycling and sniffing. Honestly, I almost gave up. But I was v glad I continued. Thanks to my trusty companions – Shah and Steph and our light hearted meaningful convos and karaoke sessions, we made it thru together. The joy from the children’s faces was priceless – worth every ounce of energy and courage put in. And like Shah said, if asked if I would do it again, I would say HELL YEAH in a heartbeat.

Taiwan was the last destination of the trips and it was right after my cycling trip (who needs rest anyway, yeah right). It was nothing but fun fun fun fun fun and more fun. Eat, talk, walk, eat again, talk and walk. It was probably what I needed to unwind after all the stress accumulated from weaving in and out of Cambodia/Viet’s horrible traffic. The week was more enjoyable than I had expected. The food was more than great. The company was also pretty amazing, including the profs. It was nice to get to better know the people I seldom hang out with in school. Just a pity that we will not get to see each other that often anymore after all the crazy bonding. I must say, it was cool how almost everyone gelled together quite seamlessly despite us not being v close in school. Taiwan’s got my vote for the best school trip!

So yeah that pretty much sums up my trips and my month of June. 28 days of travelling with different SSMers – memorable indeed. Next up on my calendar, in fact next week, I will be returning to my internship org for work. This year, it will be different. I will be working with a new team. AND there will be a new event under my belt. Looking forward to pushing my stress and anger threshold in handling TWO back to back international events held in Sept and Oct. I love challenges and the hype from these big events keep me going. CANT WAIT. They are my fav sports to watch too, hehe.

Got thru the first half of the year and it seems like every year tries to top the previous for being epic. I can foresee 2014 being the most epic year yet for me again (topping 2013 and its exchange memories) with what have already happened and will be happening. I cant wait to see what the second half of 2014 brings. ONWARD TROOPER!



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